Apr. 14th, 2017

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I think this sums up the generally accepted Canadian approach beautifully: "freedom of speech protects your right to an opinion, not your right to an opinion left uncontested". I would love to imagine that the same applies elsewhere, but people do seem to argue otherwise (which fairly obviously stems from a culture of privelege and kleptocratic principles [where if someone isn't losing something then you're not winning]). Every time I read more about this story, the phrase "stupid is to the bone" comes to mind.

The opinion article that the above is based on, is here: Senator Beyak can complain about free speech all she wants. Fact is, she earned her demotion. It is subtitled, "Beyak is not being silenced. She is instead being made to endure something known as 'consequence'". There is a lot more on Beyak's intransigence if you care to go look. It's people that refuse to face consequences for their actions (or inactions) that pose an existential threat to society, civilization, and life on Earth as a general catetory (I don't even feel I'm engaging in hyperbole when I say that, fyi).

In other news... I ran across this really messed up music video two days ago and thought I should share it with all y'all.


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