Feb. 19th, 2017

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I found out something "interesting" Friday evening: my cat Crookshanks flies into a rage when I play bagpipe music on my turntable. She usually runs from the other two cats, but she went right up to both Bob (Bobba Ho-Tep, the feral Egyptian Mau) and and Snowball (the black and white loco gato) and clubbed them each in the face in turn before I shouted at her to stop. Bob especially was gobsmacked (if you'll pardon the pun) because Crookshanks never lets herself get within half a metre of him. She doesn't react the same way when I play it on CD. I don't know whether she is emboldened by the bagpipes (a battlefield instrument) or whether she is driven insane by it, but she started caterwauling as well. We have actually never been able to figure out whether her bleating (she doesn't meow) is a happy noise or an angry noise, so it was impossible to tell whether she was expressing displeasure or joining in with the music. Eventually she settled into the chair beside me and demanded neck scritches and started purring up a storm, but it still didn't clarify her position on the matter. It was a terrifying experience for all concerned ;).


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