Feb. 5th, 2017

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Nothing to say except "blub, blub, blub...".

Since there's a new Goldfrapp album on the way (March apparently), I'm listening to their stuff as I work (a brand new audio track from the upcoming album has been officially released here in case you are a fan/interested). And in case you haven't seen this particular Goldfrapp video... here you go. I love short films, and this succeeds so well in telling a story — but also in leaving so many questions unanswered to ponder.

It reminds me of this video from the band Árstíðir, based on an Icelandic folklore. Note: like many folk tales, this is creepy as fuck and more than a little gory, so be warned if you watch.

If you aren't completely breathless from that one (presuming you watched it), you had better get lots of oxygen into your system before watching this one (if you decide to go for the full triple bill). I'm going to go so far as to call trigger warning on this one... what trigger? No idea what your triggers might be, but there's probably one in here for you that you might not even know about (it is a brilliant video, but I can't say it's a particularly pleasant video). You have been double warned. From New Zealand, Sheep, Dog & Wolf (actually the solo project of Daniel McBride... written, performed, and produced by said same):

Need a palate cleanser or just want to skip to something less intense? Here's some Computer Magic (aka Danz aka Danielle Johnson... from Brooklyn, NY). She's a youngin' but has a great grasp of synthesizers and minimalist electronics/composition (that I'm a huge fan of in general, but she does it very well). Side note: she's big in Japan... the song is "Grand Junction". Lastly, the Árstíðir song/video above is not typical of the band, so here's another side of them (their more typical side), covering Simon and Garfunkel's version of "Scarborough Fair" live at Fríkirkjan. Beautiful stuff.


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